American Theme Park Offers $600 for Spending 30 hours in a Coffin

A museum in America has reportedly offered couple(s) the opportunity to spend 30 hours in coffin as a chance to win $600 in return.

A theme park museum in Washington has reportedly offered $600 to couples willing to take up the challenge of spending nearly 30 hours inside a coffin.

The horror themed park has recently started a ’30 Hour Couple Coffin Challenge’ with an offer to win cash prize of approximately $600.

The park management will reportedly scare the couples willing to participate in the challenge, the idea being to make it harder for them to stay inside the coffin for the decided time. Those who will successfully complete the challenge will receive the cash prize.

It has been confirmed that the event will take place on the 27th and the 28th of September this year.

Moreover, the park administration has asked that participants interested in the challenge be healthy so as to avoid any medical emergencies given the nature and rules of the game – they will not be allowed come out of the coffin except for eating and going to the toilet.

It has also been reported that only three couples will be allowed to take part in the final challenge. However, thousands of applications have been received till date, the park administration has claimed.

The purpose of the challenge being to test people for their courage against phobias such as those of enclosed and dark spaces.


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