America’s policy to De-populate the Third World

Lahore, 18th May: It is being claimed that the United States has a wicked policy and national interest to de-populate the third world countries.

Louis Farrakhan Sr. formerly known as Louis X, is an American minister and political activist. He is the leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), an organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) describes as a black nationalist, black supremacist, and a hate group.

Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as part of his lecture series back in 2013, pointed out America’s policy to depopulate the third world by putting sterilants in the water and in staple foods, as well as other methodologies.

This “depopulation” is driven by a policy that concerns the national interests of America for the raw materials of third world nations: the land, the water, as well as minerals, gold, silver, uranium, and oil. He also said that Ebola and AIDS is a biological weapon.

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The US Minister spoke on Dr. Henry Kissinger’s National Security Study Memorandum 200, which stated this policy of depopulation that was accepted under President Gerald Ford and was reintroduced again under President Jimmy Carter. And unfortunately, it’s still policy today toward the Third World.

This policy is now the policy of the Department of Agriculture, Department of Defence, Department of State, CIA, Department of International Development. They are setting the third world to strive and death.

According to Loius, where does our food come from? Why do the third countries owe so many dollars to the US for their food, when they could just grow it themselves?

“They (Americans) grow the food in a land far away and they pick it before it is ripe, they ripen it with the chemical processes. They then wax the ripened food and give it color so that it looks attractive to you.”

These are all sources of producing cancer and that the Americans are trying to kill the third world countries through this.

AIDS and Ebola viruses are a biological weapon that has been patented.

The US Minister claims that “if you can patent a virus, it indicates that somebody made it and detained a natural thing.”

The Americans are alleged to de-populate the Earth by 2/3 billion people.

Where do our vaccines come from? We are vaccinating our children unaware of the fact that what is being put inside the vile in the arms of our innocent children?

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All of a sudden, our children are suffering from Autism, but we are being misled that there is no connection between the vaccine and Autism.

Loius Farrakhan said, “killing the darker, saving the lighter.” And, that nature has not changed from the time of General Jeffrey Amherst in 1763, who put smallpox in blankets, and came to the Indians claiming that these blankets would “help comfort them through the winter”—using biological weapons against the Native people. And the fact that we were injected with the most virulent form of syphilis during the “Tuskegee Experiments” from 1932-1972 (40 years); allowing us to cohabit with others, to spread the disease! And all we got when it was discovered was an “apology,” and some meager compensation. Also, millions of Americans were given polio shots starting in the 1950s and 1960s; and now, flu shots. And we don’t know what contagions or toxins are in the vial, or serum, that we are being injected with!”

The Enemy has not changed from the beginning of his creation, but we ought to be aware of the enemy’s plan for third world countries. We need to be vigilant enough and not trust the Western World and their scientists regarding the vaccine they are trying to produce to combat the newly discovered coronavirus pandemic.

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