Amir Liaqat faces backlash for insensitive statement

Liaquat is facing severe criticism from social media users for insensitive statements on the demise of Irrfan Khan and Sri Devi.

Amir Liaquat reportedly facing severe criticism from social media users for making insensitive statements on the demise of Irrfan Khan and Sri Devi, in Ramadan transmission.

According to reports, Amir Liaquat is facing severe criticism for contradictory statements on the demise of Irfan Khan and Sri Devi. Liaquat, who is suppsoed to be a religious scholar, host and politician, often makes statements that have drawn him to severe criticism on social media, and now with the demise of Bollywood actors Irfan Khan and Sri Devi, another crass statement has come to light, due to which he is facing severe backlash from social media users.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, as a result of his insensitive remarks, Liaqat is facing severe criticism from Pakistani actor, Adnan Siddique who had appeared as a guest on the show Jeewey Pakistan, as well as social media users.

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During the show, Aamir Liaquat told Adnan Siddiqui that two people survived because of him, one was Rani Mukherjee and the other was Bipasha Basu, because he turned down roles alongside these Bollywood beauties. However, Sri Devi died when he acted with her in the Bollywood film Mom. Liaqat went on to say that Irrfan Khan has also passed away years after working with Siddique.

Host Amir Liaqat said, “You got an offer to work in Mardani 2 but, you refused otherwise she would have left us too.” Adnan Siddiqui immediately said, “God forbid.” Aamir Liaqat added that he was offered to work in Jism 2, but he refused to do that as well. Liaqat continued that this helped to save the lives of these two actresses due to Adnan Siddique’s refusal, because “Everyone you work with outside of Pakistan, dies”.

In the midst of all this, Adnan Siddiqui looked extremely upset and said that he was deeply saddened by the demise of Sri Devi and Irfan Khan. He further criticized Aamir Liaquat, saying it would be a joke for him but he did not think so, and Irfan Khan and Sri Devi were both his close friends.

After the video of the program went viral on social media, users have criticized Liaquat for his crass attempt at comedy.

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A user named Khurram Sabir, wrote in reference to Liaqat, that he is a man with psychological issues. Another user named Harris Asif wrote that, his mental balance is not right because he says anything, anywhere without thinking.

A user named Ehsan Wattoo wrote that, “We strongly urge Adnan Siddiqui to work with Amir Liaquat at least once”.

A user named Javed Chishti said, “Now Amir Liaquat is sitting with Adnan Siddiqui. May this tradition continue.” While some users called Aamir Liaquat an ignorant man and said that he has made death a joke, and that Adnan Siddiqui is to be commended for trying his best to silence Amir Liaquat.

Some users shared the video on their Twitter account and criticized Aamir Liaquat.

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A user named Hassan Chaudhry wrote that everyone who hires Aamir Liaquat in their programs should be ashamed and those who make him happy should be ashamed. Everyone in the audience should be ashamed who applauds him.

A user named Haroon asked, why no one is talking about Amir Liaquat being mentally unstable.

One user wrote why Liaqat even allowed to appear on television.

Another user named Sabir, wrote sarcastically, wasn’t the devil supposed to be released post-Ramadan?

A user named Nawal commented, why isn’t this man in a mental assylum?

Faizan Najeeb wrote that “Why and how we are allowing such people to go on TV.. This is NOT funny!”he added that anyone who finds such insensitive remarks to be funny deserve psychiatric treatment.

Addressing PEMRA, a user said that PEMRA should ban Amir Liaqat.

It should be noted that Adnan Siddiqui and Irfan Khan worked together in the 2007 Hollywood film A Mighty Heart while Adnan Siddiqui worked with Sri Devi in ​​the 2017 film Mom.

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