Amir Liaquat faces a new Controversy, Third Wife comes Forward


A new controversy has surrounded Amir Liaqat Hussain. 

Actress and Model Hania Khan, has shocked everyone and revealed that she is the third wife of Amir Liaquat Hussain but he has left her because of Tooba Amir, his second wife.

Hania has released a video claiming that Amir Liaquat married her and turned her against her family due to which she even raised her hand on her mother because she restricted Hania to meet him. She deeply regrets her actions now as Amir has now left her all alone.

She further added that Amir Liaquat, along with his wife Tooba Liaquat had placed her under the spell of Black Magic which caused her mental breakdown and she also tried to attempt suicide five times.

Hania shared her pictures of video call with Amir Liaquat, along with long conversations on WhatsApp. She also said that when she came forward with the truth, Amir threatened her. She revealed a screenshot of Amir threatening her.

She said she belongs to a lower middle class family and she has faced a lot of problems just to unveil Amir’s truth. Amir took advantage of her being weak.

Hania says Amir has to pay for what he did and she is determined to reveal the truth.

Although, Amir has not confirmed any such news or allegations, his response is still awaited.

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