Artists leave Spotify over Joe Rogan’s controversy

Artists leave Spotify over Joe Rogan's controversy

The list of artists and podcasters extends as they unite together to have their content removed from SA (Spotify Technology), adding to the streaming service’s trouble. On Wednesday Spotify offered subsrciber projections on Wednesday that fell below Wall Street estimate for the first quarter. 

Spotify has faced massive criticism after singer-songwriter Neil Young received threats to remove his content from Spotify. He accused the streamer’s star podcaster, Joe Rogan, for spreading fake information about vaccine on his show,”The Joe Rogan Experience”.

Graham Nash came in support of his former bandmate Young in a statement he issued on Tuesday, taking the streamer to task for continuing to enable Joe Rogan.

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“They can have Rogan or Young, not both,” Young wrote in a letter posted on his website. A day later, he announced that he will be leaving Spotify. Since then, many artists have left the Spotify platform following Young’s lead. Moreover, some social media users have also started deleting the application.

Young’s departure has also led users to question streaming service’s support for Rogan and its responsibility for tracking content on its platform to millions of listeners. Data Analysts and other experts have forecasted that the company might experience the daunting world of corporate content moderation, just as Facebook, now known as Meta Platforms Inc. and Twitter once faced in their careers.

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Spotify addressed the issue and promised to stop the spread of the COVID-19 misinformation. Joe Rogan also issued an apology and assured to bring more balance to his show in a 10-minute video he posted on his Instagram.

However, Rogan-Young controversy is not the only reason artists are boycotting Spotify. India Arie explained over an Instagram post that she’s leaving Spotify not simply because of Rogan’s carelessness towards COVID-19 vaccine but because of his recent racist comments.

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