Amna Ilyas bashes PM Imran Khan, asks for a U-Turn of his statement


Amna Ilyas, a famous pakistani model and actress has shared a video on Instagram raising her voice on PM imran Khan’s view’s of increasing rape cases in the country.

PM Imran Khan is facing backlash from the citizen’s of his country on his statement that vulgarity or the way women dresses are causing rise in rape cases and sexual violence. He gave this statement during a session of interacting with public via phone calls when a citizen asked the governments plan of controlling the rise in sexual violence.

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Amna Illyas broke her silence and responded saying please explaining animals like cows and cats, and children how they should not dress vulgarly. She expressed her heartbreak on PM’s views as she voted for him only thinking that he is better than Modi and Trump but now she doesnt see it that way.

She further stated referring to PM Imran Khan that you should realize how your words hurt others. After Jinnah and Bhutto people listen to you and follow you so you should be considerate of your words and statements.


The model then prompted PM to take back his statement or to take a U turn just like he always does.

Amna Ilyas reject him as her Prime Minister until he does so.