Amnesty International calls on Pakistan to end enforced disappearances

Nov 23, 2021: International human rights body Amnesty International on Monday urged Pakistani authorities to stop forcibly disappearing suspected militants without trial for several years.

According to the private news agency Dawn, in a report titled ‘Living Ghost’, the human rights group has described the difficulties faced by the families of missing persons in getting information about their detained relatives.

It said that since the beginning of the US-led war on terror, hundreds of Pakistani rights activists, activists, students and journalists have gone missing. Idris Khattak was among those detained in 2019. He went missing while traveling in the northwest of the country. Several weeks later, authorities admitted that Idris Khattak, who had been detained on unspecified treason charges, had worked for Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch before his disappearance.

Enforced disappearance is a cruel act that has caused irreparable pain to hundreds of families in Pakistan over the past two decades. Rehab Mahur, acting South Asia researcher at Amnesty International, said that the loss of loved ones and the long-term unawareness of their whereabouts or safety can also lead to health and financial problems for families and others.

He demanded release of the detainees and said that Pakistan should inform their families about all the missing persons. There was no immediate comment from the government, which has repeatedly denied the allegations.

In this regard, it is stated that most of the missing persons have gone to Afghanistan in recent years to join militant groups, although detention without court approval is prohibited, but officials have privately acknowledged that intelligence agencies Detention centers are holding an unspecified number of suspects.

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