An Ex-Saudi Interior Ministry official declared a fugitive

Riyadh, 19th July 2020: A former Saudi Interior Ministry official has been declared a fugitive in a mega-corruption scandal.

Baaghi TV: Saudi authorities have launched an investigation into reports that a former employee of the Interior Ministry and the caretaker of the Saudi anti-terrorism fund set up by the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz fled to Canada following allegations of corruption. Security officials are pursuing the fugitive and trying to bring him to Saudi Arabia and prosecute him in court.

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In a recent campaign against corruption, the Saudi state wants to hold al-Jabri and some of his relatives and aides accountable for more than 11 billion in corruption. A Saudi security investigation has revealed that al-Jabri and his associates obtained the money illegally from state funds.

Although al-Jabri has been the most contacted person in the Arab world on counter-terrorism issues with the United States for more than 15 years since 9/11, he has become an international fugitive from Saudi Arabia.

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A Saudi investigation has revealed that he embezzled about 11 billion in government funds while working for the Interior Ministry. He fraudulently obtained large sums of money from himself and his relatives through fraud.

Current and former US and European intelligence officials have told the Wall Street Journal that an investigation into Al-Jabri poses risks. It is feared that he might reveal sensitive secrets in US-Saudi operations against extremists or may use it for personal gain.

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