Analyst Syed Nayyar praised Mubasher Lucman for his eloquent message

Lahore, 20th April: Pakistan’s renowned analyst Syed Nayyar praised the anchorperson Mubasher Lucman and said that Pakistan needs to follow his message.

Baaghi TV:  Famous journalist Mubasher Lucman, in his recent video on his YouTube channel highlighted the current situation faced by the country.

He informed in his video when the economic situation in Pakistan had started to improve and the value of the dollar has come down, at this time a campaign has been launched against Prime Minister Imran Khan to topple the government.

Lucman said that it would be wrong to say that whoever supported Imran Khan is being harmed. Imran Khan has nothing to do with our profit and loss.

Watch the full video on Mubasher Lucman YouTube channel:

He further said that TLP chief Saad Rizvi was arrested due to the long march that was scheduled for April 20.

He also said that because there is a FATF meeting after Eid in which India and France are openly lobbying for Pakistan to be blacklisted in some way. If this is done, then India will tear apart Pakistan.

Mubasher Lucman further spoke openly in his video on the reasons behind all this. The explosive vlog by the senior anchor is appreciated by many fans and his colleagues, including senior analyst Syed Nayyar.

Nayyar presented his salute to Mr Mubasher and said that because of his message Pakistan needs to move on the path that leads to our unity and avoid the traps and tribulations spread by our enemies.

Syed Nayyar further said that in fact, we had expected such a speech last evening from the Prime Minister who needs a better team of advisers to take Pakistan forward.

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