Obsessed stalker breaks in at Taylor Swift’s Apartment


According to reports, An obsessed Stalker, Hanks Johnson, aged 52 broke in at Taylor Swift’s new Apartment in New York.

Taylor Swift had been a victim of stalkers for many years due to which she keeps changing her residence. She had shifted into a new apartment almost a year ago which was found by a stalker who rang her door bell more than 5 times within 6 months.

Hanks Johnson,52, breaks in Taylor Swift’s apartment

Police had received a 911 call on Saturday, reporting that someone has broke into the building and is now trying to get a hold of Swift’s apartment door.

Hanks, who was charged with trespassing said that Taylor was his friend and that she had invited him over which was found as a false statement as Johnson had previous charges of stalking and breaking in.

He was released on sunday following an arraignment in Manhattan criminal court.



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