Angelina Jolie reveals real story behind her tattoo

The ‘Maleficent’ star explained that she got the tattoo for her late mother who passed away in 2007. She was close to her mother Marcheline Bertrand prior to her death.

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There’s a tattoo on Jolie’s right hand that largely has been referenced as a ‘m’ for her mother. Though the tattoo is for Marcheline it is not ‘m’.

The actress recently shared her memories of her mother in a penned essay, “I got a small tattoo on my right hand after my mother died, knowing that hand tattoos fade. It looks to others like a letter ‘m’.”

“However, it was not a ‘m’ for Marcheline, her mother’s name. It was a ‘w’ for ‘Winter’, the Rolling Stones song she sang to me as a baby, and that I remember loving as a little girl,” she sorrowfully expressed in the essay.

The song lyrics tie strongly to a memory Angelina Jolie has of her mother from childhood and sharing the memory near Mother’s Day is both fitting and sentimental. In the full New York Times essay, Jolie shared other memories of her childhood, memories of her mother’s experiences as an actress and even of convincing Jolie her path could be acting too. She’s previously been open about worrying about her mother while growing up and trying to remain strong in her own life because of that.

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