Shane Watson Hails Pakistan Super League

Australian cricketer Shane Watson has praised Pakistan Super League (PSL) that quality of cricket is the league’s number one priority.

During an interview, Shane Watson praised the PSL and Indian Premier League (IPL) saying that their focus is on the quality of cricket.

“The one thing that the IPL and PSL do is make the quality of the cricket, the product, the number one priority. This is where the BBL has really lost its way. The quality of the cricket has been put on the back burner in the Big Bash and the entertainment gimmicks have been brought to the forefront,” he said.

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The cricketer criticized the expansion of the Big Bash season from 32 group games to 56, describing the tournament as “just too long” and suggesting that “the quality of the cricket has been put on the back burner”.

“The tournament is just too long. It’s disappointing for all of the families that follow the season so closely until school goes back, and the last thing parents want is for their kids to stay up [until] nearly midnight watching the matches on a school night,” Watson pointed out.

Talking about BBL, Watson said that micing players and the captains during the matches should be stopped. He also pointed out that the season is played during Australia’s international fixtures hence disallowing local boys to be away for national duties. He also wants overseas players to be increased from 2 to 4.

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