Another incident of Islamophobia reported in Canada

Lahore, 16th June: A few days after the cruel murder of a Muslim family in Ontario, Canada, another Islamophobic incident took place where two suspects tried to break into a Canadian mosque.

According to reports, another case of Islamophobia has occurred in Canada during which two people tried to force their way into the Islamic Institute of Toronto and were arrested.

According to local sources, a 24-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman tried to force their way into the mosque in the Scarborough area on Tuesday.

The two suspects also threatened the mosque administration with dire consequences.

According to reports from CBC News, “Two people were arrested on Tuesday after they allegedly tried to enter a mosque in Scarborough and threatening building staff.”

Police reported that they responded to a call from the Islamic Institute of Toronto at 1630 Neilson Rd, near Morningside Avenue and Finch Avenue East.

The CBC reported that a man and a woman threatened to set off an explosive in the mosque.

However, police recovered no weapons or explosives while making the arrests. Police also said in a statement that the intruders were under the influence of illicit drugs.

Police also informed that there is still no evidence to suggest that this is a hate-motivated crime, but their Hate Crime Unit has been notified.

Fareed Amin, the chair of the Islamic Institute of Toronto, told CBC News that the harassers started banging the main door, but couldn’t get in, so they went around, tried the side doors, gym doors, but none were open.

Meanwhile, no physical injuries have been reported but the custodian of the mosque is a bit shaken, particularly after the hate crime attack in London, Ontario.

Toronto police assured that the investigations are underway and they will update the citizens as it progresses.

It should be noted that this month a terrorist had crushed Muslim physiotherapist Salman, his mother, wife and a teenage daughter with a truck. However, the youngest son of the victim’s family was injured in the incident.

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