Another Indian plane lands at Karachi airport

"Mayday": Aircraft makes emergency landing in Karachi

According to Baaghi TV, the Indian flight from Sharjah to Lucknow was grounded in Karachi on an emergency basis due to ill health of a passenger.

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As the IndiGo Airlines Flight 6E1412 from Sharjah to the Indian city of Lucknow entered Pakistani territory via Iran at 4:00 AM, a passenger on board fell ill. Sources form a private TV said that the captain contacted air traffic control and, on humanitarian grounds, sought permission to land the plane at Karachi airport.

On humanitarian grounds, with the permission of the authorities, the plane made an emergency landing at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport at 5am. According to aviation sources, 60-year-old passenger Habib-ur-Rehman Salman had died on the plane by the time emergency medical aid was provided.

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Later, after confirmation of death and documentation by the doctor, and completion of other necessary steps, Flight 6E1412 left Karachi for Ahmedabad at 8:36 am.

Earlier, an air ambulance from India to Azerbaijan made a technical landing at Islamabad airport yesterday. According to media reports, the air ambulance was en route from Kolkata to Baku, Azerbaijan. The captain contacted the air traffic controller and asked for landing permission. The plane landed at Islamabad airport with the permission of ATC. According to airport sources, the air ambulance left for Baku after refueling.

Earlier, on February 15 last month, an Indian air ambulance landed at Islamabad airport. An Indian Air Ambulance en route from Calcutta to Dushanbe made an emergency landing at Islamabad Airport. Prior to the landing, Civil Aviation was contacted for an emergency landing.

Earlier, on November 17 last year, an Indian plane made an emergency landing at Karachi Airport. The Indian plane was allowed to land on humanitarian grounds by Pakistan.

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In May 2020, an Indian cargo plane made an emergency landing at Islamabad Airport. The plane took off after refueling. Pakistan’s air traffic control allowed the plane to land.

Earlier, on April 25, an Indian cargo plane was also allowed to land at Islamabad Airport. He stayed at Islamabad airport for about 40 minutes and after refueling, left again. Since last year’s tensions, Pakistan has closed its airspace to India.

On September 8, Pakistan did not allow the Indian president’s plane to use Pakistan’s airspace. Indian President Ram Nath Kavand was scheduled to visit Iceland on September 8. Pakistan has not given India clearance for the Indian president’s plane. Pakistan had refused to allow the Indian president to use the airspace. The Indian president had requested to cross Pakistani airspace.

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In September last year, India demanded that Pakistan allow Narendra Modi, who is attending the General Assembly, to use Pakistani airspace. However, Pakistan had rejected India’s request.

In October last year, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi revealed that the Indian government had on October 28 requested Pakistan to use airspace for Narendra Modi. The Indian prime minister was scheduled to attend an international business conference in Saudi Arabia on October 29, which was rejected by Pakistan.

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