Another locust swarm attack affects apple gardens in Barkhan


BARKHAN, July 5 (online Int’l): The locusts swarm once again attacks the apple garden in the area of Barkhan Balochistan.

The locusts swarm attack on apple gardens has badly affected the crops, whereas the farmers have demanded the Agricultural Department to spray the gardens.

Last month, the locusts attacked the apple gardens in Barkhan which badly affected the crops and the locals made efforts on their own to get rid of it.

After that the Agricultural Department sprayed different areas of Barkhan, however the agriculture experts has demanded advanced machinery from the Provincial Government for Barkhan.

According to NDMA the locusts swarm are present in 52 districts of Pakistan and steps are taken on emergency basis to get rid of the locusts.

31 districts of Balochistan, 10 of KPK, 4 of Punjab, and 7 of Sindh are affected by the locusts.The officials said 1128 teams are taking part in locust control operation and the survey has been conducted over 3,50,000 acres area in the last 24 hours.

Due to constant locusts swarm attacks in Pakistan, the crops of cotton, chili and mangoes are badly affected. The locusts also damaged the crops of cotton, sugar cane and onions in the district of Nawab Shah at Sindh.

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