Another online cab service to be inaugurated on August 10

ISLAMABAD, Jul 29 (APP):Eyeing on the potential transport market, a Chinese company is all set to launch its Buraq Taxi Service on Saturday (August 10) in six big cities of the country, hence inviting competition with two such services already operating in the market.

Since two taxi service namely Careem and Uber are already operating in the market, the Timesaco— the company which is launching the Buraq Taxi Service— has devised a comprehensive strategy to attract customers towards its newly establish service for making it competitive.

Talking to APP, Chief Operating Officer (CEO) Timesaco, Donald Li said that initially the taxi service would be offered at 10 percent discount rates for ride to education institution, health centers and marriage halls.

He said that special discount would also be provided to professionals including teachers, army personal and students.

He said that for Timesaco services, customers could download application from Google Play Store for instant services in all five major areas.

He said that people interested to work with Timesaco taxi services could register their vehicles with the company without any precondition.

Buraq drivers will get 97% share of their earring and company will get only 2% from drivers while one percent would be invested in Drivers’ Club for providing health and education services to families of drivers.

He said people could register their bikes, cars, Rickshaws, Pickups, Qingqi Loaders, and Trucks with the company and get multiple ways for earning.

Talking about an elaborated programme of his company, he said that a comprehensive business plan had been worked out to provide five important services to citizens of Pakistan in six big cities, initially investing $20 million, with future prospects of $600 million.

The services would be provided in five special services in sectors including transportation, cargo, bank transaction and advertising, Chief Operating Officer (CEO) Timesaco, Donald Li told APP in an exclusive interview.

“We will provide a rapid services platform to citizens by launching five special service including the Buraq Taxi Service,  Heavy Cargo Delivery , Orders’ Delivery, Moving Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and vehicle advertisement facilities under the Umbrella of ‘Timesaco’ for people of six major cities  of Pakistan including twins cities of Rawalpindi Islamabad,”  he said.

Initially these instant services would be launched in the six major cities of Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar and would be extended to other urban centers.

Donald told APP that ‘Timesaco’ had already held its pre-launch event in Islamabad a week ago and introduced its Instant Services: taxi service “Buraq”, instant delivery “Fema” and City Freight “Cargo+”.

He said that modern technology and innovative methods of E-commerce would be utilized in delivering these services.

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