Another victim of rabies died

KARACHI, Dec 23 (APP): Imam Bux, the 35 year old man, was brought to Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC) from Tando Allahyar, with rabies encephalitis caused by bite of rabid dogs, passed away here on Monday.

The latest case brings the total number of rabies induced death to 24 in the province during the current year.

Executive Director of JPMC, Dr. Seemi Jamali confirming the death of the man, said that he was admitted to the intensive care unit (medical) of the hospital a few days ago in a serious condition.

“He was brought with hydrophobia and high fever with a history of dog bite,” she said.

Family members of Imam Bux mentioned that he was bitten by a dog some five years ago and was never vaccinated against rabies which may owing to varied factors may have turned fatal for the man.

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