Appointment of Mushtaq Sukhera is Illegal: Ministry of Law

Islamabad (1st July, 2019): Ministry of law and justice declares appointment of Mushtaq Sukhera as illegal.
According to Baaghi TV’s sources, Ministry of Law and Justice has termed appointment of federal tax ombudsman, Mushtaq Sukhera as illegal. The Ministry of law and justice has reportedly submitted a six-page response to the Islamabad High Court (IHC) seeking the removal of Sukhera.
The Ministry of Law has thereby confirmed that the President of Pakistan can appoint an ombudsman without taking advice from PM Imran Khan. The Ministry of law continued to state that the appointment does not fall under accordance of law so Sukhera consequently, cannot be removed through supreme judicial council.
According to reports, he was appointed on the 30th of August in 2017 by the President upon the advice of the ruling PM. The President has authority in connection with appointment under ordinance 2000, section 3(1).
Moreover, it has been confirmed that the law on removal through supreme judicial council may only be implemented when the appointment is also in accordance with the law.


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