APS Tragedy: Big appeal of parents of martyred children

According to the report of Baaghi TV, a suo motu notice case was heard in the Supreme Court with reference to the APS tragedy.

After the hearing, the parents of the martyred children in APS said, “The Chief Justice has been invited to attend the Qur’an Khani on December 16. The court has been asked to provide us with the report of the commission. We want to fight our children’s case in light of the report. ”

The parents of the martyrs said that the Chief Justice had accepted the invitation to participate in the Qur’an recitation.

The court ordered to make public the report of the commission of inquiry and the federal government. The Supreme Court said that the report of the commission of inquiry and the response of the federation to it should be made public. The Supreme Court appointed Amanullah Kanrani as judicial assistant.

The court ordered the government to draw a line of action on the commission report. The Supreme Court ordered stern action against those responsible.

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The tragedy APS case was heard by a three-member bench of the Supreme Court. During the hearing, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed remarked, “It has been a tragedy of the country that the small staff responsible for every major tragedy is acquitted. No action is taken against the big people in the country. When the people are not safe so why run such a big country and system?”

Justice Faisal Arab said, “Do you want those responsible for negligence in security to be punished?”
Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan said that the tragedy of Army Public is the grief of the entire nation.
Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed said, “The government should take action so that such incidents do not happen. Those who wanted to achieve the goal achieved it.”

Addressing the Attorney General, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that the Attorney General should listen to what these victims want. You have to start the sentence from the top, Attorney General.

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