ARI Termed Common Cause of Death in Developing Country Minors

MULTAN, Nov 19 (APP): Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) was common cause of death in children of developing countries with five million morbidity globally due to Pneumonia.

Senior Medical Officer (SMO) RHC Mardanpur Bosan, Dr Imran Rafiq, on Thursday told APP that children who are infected with ARI have blocked or runny nose, sore throat, ear ache or discharge, cough, and noisy or difficult breathing. He informed that it was divided in two groups Acute upper ARI with common cold, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, Otis and Acute lower ARI presented with epiglottis, laryngitis, trachea bronchitis, bronchitis, alveolitis (Pneumonia).

In developed countries up-to 4 per cent, while in developing countries 10 to 20pc of total deaths is due to Pneumonia, the SMO said, and added that in malnourished and low birth weight infants the ratio reaches 80 PC. The incidence of ARI in less than 5 years of age is 3 to 5 episodes per child per year In rural areas whereas In urban areas a child faces 5 to 8 episodes annually, the medic said.

Risk factors responsible for higher morbidity due to ARI are low birth weight, malnutrition, Vitamin A deficiency, source of infection in the family, chilling, over crowding, indoor and urban air pollution, Dr Imran said, adding that different bacteria and viruses are responsible for these diseases. He advised parents to get all their children from government health facilities according to the EPI schedule and keep the vaccination record card safe.

Parents are advised to get immediate medical advice if they observe abnormal sleep or difficulty to wake, fast breathing, sneezing etc in their kids up to 5 years of age, he concluded.

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