Arif Alvi Urges Extending Support to Needy & Poor People

LAHORE, Mar 06 (APP): President Dr Arif Alvi on Saturday stressed the need to extend a helping hand to the needy and poor people as it was pivotal for making a balanced society and welfare state.

He said besides the state, it was also a responsibility of every member of society to help people who were in need to build a healthy society. He was expressing his views during a ceremony held at Hazoori Bagh, Lahore Fort to mark 20 years of ‘Akhuwat’- the largest interest-free loan provider NGO. He said that remarkable work had been done by the Akhuwat by providing loans to 4.5 million families so far.

Dr Alvi praised the philanthropic passion of the Pakistani people and said that the nation stood united and gave massive charities during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in the country. He said though the country was under huge loans and the elite got waived off loans worth billions of rupees, Akhuwat was offering interest-free loans to help the people come out of poverty and that too with 100% return ratio.

The President said that personality of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was a great example for everyone and his teachings were guideline for us. He said state of Madina was true welfare state which took responsibility of the rich and the poor equally. People’s Republic of China, which had brought its people out of poverty by only ensuring provision of education and health facilities to all. Arif Alvi said that Pakistan was now on its way to progress and will become a great nation soon.

He said that Founder of the Nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah had stressed the need to make women part of economic activities for country’s development. He added that differently abled persons which consisted 10-15 percent of the total population, should be brought to mainstream by making them skilled people. He said future of Pakistan was bright and the people will soon see it. Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar also spoke on the occasion and said that reaching out to deserving persons was a big challenge.

He said the government distributed financial assistance of 12,000 rupees to each deserving family during COVID-19 without any discrimination. He praised the work being done by the Akhuwat and said that the federal as well as provincial government was extending all out support to Akhuwat. Chairman Akhuwat Dr Amjad Saqib speaking on the occasion said that the journey was started with limited resources 20 years ago but the aim was to bring the poor out of poverty through interest free loans.

Today it has become the largest interest free loans providing program in the country. He thanked the federal and the provincial government for extending support in its projects which include business, house finance and education programs.

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