Armeena Khan came up with a drama suggestion.


Since Ertugrul has become the talk of the town in Pakistan many debates are going on relating whether our nation television should broadcast content from other countries or not. Many actors came up and raised a point that we should air our own content and support our industry instead of others. At the same time other people from the industry thought that it was fine to broadcast good content be it from any part of the world.

The audience is bashing people who are against the broadcasting of Ertugrul and is asking them to make such quality content so we don’t have to look up to other countries.
In such times the Janaan actress, Armeena Khan came up with a drama suggestion.
Armeena wrote on her twitter: “You want to watch good Pakistani content? Watch “Alif” and encourage all that you think reflects your own culture. Responsibility lies on both sides (audience and content makers) supply and demand. Thank you, have a nice day.”


Alif was a spiritual-romantic drama created by Samina Humayun and Sana Shahnawaz. The drama was written by Umera Ahmed and was based on her novel. The lead roles were played by Sajal Aly and Hamza Ali Abbasi. This drama sheds light on the beautiful relation between man and His creator Allah swt.

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