Armenia: Protests over ceasefire


10th November: Armenian people are furious over the ceasefire and have besieged the Prime Minister’s House. Reportedly, Armenian citizens took to the streets in anger after a full ceasefire was agreed between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

According to the foreign news agency, after three weeks of bloody war, a complete ceasefire agreement was reached between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Citizens of Azerbaijan are happy with the agreement, while citizens in Armenia took to the streets against the government.

Citizens of Azerbaijan celebrated the ceasefire agreement in the streets, and in Baku, citizens took to the streets holding Azeri and Turkish flags.
Armenian citizens, on the other hand, expressed outrage at the agreement. Citizens began protesting outside parliament and government buildings.

Protesters stormed the prime minister’s official residence and vandalized it. The Armenian prime minister said there was no other way but to sign the agreement.

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