Army Chief: “Pakistan’s efforts for peace in Afghanistan will not go in vain.”

RAWALPINDI: On Monday, the Chief of Army staff stated, “Efforts for peace and security in Afghanistan are in action; the world will benefit from Pakistan’s efforts.”

While talking informally at the end of the primary function of Defense and Martyrs’ Day at GHQ Rawalpindi, the Army Chief said that we must eradicate all forms of extremism from the country. TTP being the main issue, as long as it remains, so will the threat to peace. 

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The Chief of Army Staff clearly said:

“Rather of taking up weapons, we should address the threat of terrorism by eliminating internal adversaries.”

The Army Chief described Lieutenant General Faiz’s visit to Kabul as a success, noting that the aim of General Faiz’s visit was not to embarrass anybody. “The visit to Kabul was a success, it harmed no one,” he said.

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In an informal conversation, the Army Chief also expressed the hope that these efforts would establish peace in Afghanistan and that good news would come from Kabul.

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