Arzoo Raja Case: Where have the Maulvi and lawyer escaped?

Lahore, 12th November: Where did the Maulvi and lawyer who performed Arzoo Raja’s Nikah go? 

According to the report of Baaghi TV, the police produced Ali Azhar, the husband of Arzoo, in the court on completion of his remand.

During the hearing, the investigating officer told the court that the investigation into accused Ali Azhar has been completed, no further remand is required. 

Arzoo’s lawyer Mahmood was raided but he had escaped. The investigating officer said that the groom stated that the certificate of independence of Arzoo has the seal of Justice of Peace Muhammad Azharuddin. The marriage was conducted in the presence of witnesses.

It should be noted that at the last hearing, the Sindh High Court had ordered to send Arzoo Fatima, a girl who had converted to Islam and got married, to Darulaman.

The court directed the investigating officer to conduct an inquiry in the light of the Child Marriage Act. The court said that action should be taken in light of the law on underage marriage. 

The case of Arzoo Fatima, a girl who got married to her choice, was heard in the Sindh High Court. A report was submitted regarding the determination of Arzoo Raja’s age. A five-member medical board declared Arzoo’s age to be 14 to 15 years.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan says that the evidence shows that Arzoo Raja is a minor, his marriage and conversion has been forced, it falls under the category of violation of national laws.

It may be recalled that the Sindh High Court had stopped the police from arresting Arzoo Fatima’s husband Ali Azhar and her family in the case of Arzoo Fatima, who had voluntarily converted to Islam.

Petitioner Arzoo had taken the position that ‘I belonged to a Christian family but later converted to Islam and my name was Arzoo Fatima. I also asked my family to convert to Islam but they refused while I did not have any. 

Arzoo said that she has married Ali Azhar of her own free will. Her father has registered a case against Arzoo’s husband’s entire family for marrying her of choice. After the case was registered, she is being harassed by the police.

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