Asad Umar is the best actor and Sheikh Rashid is the best comedian in this country


Pakistan’s senior writer, comedian, poet and intellectual Anwar Maqsood has named Asad Umar as the best actor and Sheikh Rashid as the best comedian.

Baaghi TV: Wasim Badami, the host of a private TV channel, shared a few highlights of his program “Eleven Hour” on social media yesterday. Wasim Badami’s show was attended by Anwar Maqsood and his son Bilal Maqsood as guests.

The host asked Anwar Maqsood who do you think is the best playwright in Pakistan? Anwar Maqsood replied who had dreamed of “Allama Iqbal”. Bilal Maqsood replied, “I would like to tell you not about the playwright but about the best director and I think Sahara Kazmi is the best director.”

Host Wasim Badami asked both of them who is the best comedian in their opinion. Bilal Maqsood said I like Omar Sharif. While Anwar Maqsood replied that he thinks Sheikh Rashid is the best comedian. He called Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar the best actor.

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