Assassination attempt on a Journalist: Kasur

Attempted assassination of Patoki Kasur journalist, claim reports. Journalists expressed regret and demanded immediate arrest of the accused.

According to details, indiscriminate firing of opponents on senior journalist Chaudhry Mukhtar of Patoki city. Fortunately he survived the assassination attempt. Senior journalist Chaudhry Mukhtar Ahmed, is a resident of Saresar Chak No. 21.

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As soon as Mukhtar Ahmed started passing near them, six armed men started firing indiscriminately. Fear and panic spread and Chaudhry Mukhtar Ahmed fell down from his motorcycle and the opponents fell on Mukhtar Ahmed. Mukhtar Ahmed was further attacked with sticks and iron rods.

Child abuse, facts to be revealed at the press conference

Accused Waqas fired to kill but Mukhtar Ahmed escaped unhurt. Accused Waqas’ other accomplices including Adnan, Imran, Anas, Abid, Sajid, etc. severely beat him, leaving Mukhtar Ahmed bleeding and unconscious. Hearing the sound of firing, passersby gathered and the accused fled leaving Mukhtar Ahmed unconscious.

The dead is also not safe, an embarrassing incident

On which passersby rushed the injured and unconscious Mukhtar Ahmed to the hospital. Later, a petition was filed against the accused at Patoki police station. Patoki journalists protest against assassination attempt on Mukhtar Ahmed and demand strict legal action against the accused.

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