ATC reserves judgment on parliament attack case

ISLAMABAD, Oct 19 (Online): Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) has reserved judgment regarding  attack on parliament  case and the judgment will be announced on October 29.

The court directed counsel for Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan to file the written reply.

The court said that the decision of dismissing  murder of PTI worker case against Nawaz Sharif or otherwise will also be announced on October 29.

Raja Jawad Abbas of ATC Islamabad took up for  hearing  case pertaining to attack on PTV and parliament on Monday.

The court reserved judgment in respect of case pertaining to attack on parliament after hearing the arguments while hearing of PTV attack   case was adjourned till November 12.

Nasim Shah counsel for foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told the court we will file the reply when court issues notice to us.

Judge Raja Jawad Abbas remarked “we have been issuing notices since the last quarter to four years. At present we have given threat.

Shahid Nasim counsel said either notice or threat comes to us from court, it is acceptable to us.

The court in PTV attack case has directed counsel for PM Imran Khan to give arguments again on November 12.

Raja Jawad Abbas judge of ATC inquired about PTI leader Alim Khan that where he was.

Counsel for Aleem Khan told the court Aleem Khan’s  corona test has come positive. Therefore, his application for exemption from attendance be accepted.

Judge ATC remarked if corona test has come positive then the report  be filed in the court.

The counsel said that no contradictory material is there against Imran Khan in PTV attack case. A politically motivated  case has been framed against Imran Khan.

The judge inquired where the transcript is that what speech he  delivered it  provoked the demonstrators.

The  counsel told the court Imran Khan said our workers should not commit violation of any law. They were not workers of either PTI or PAT. We don’t know who did this.

The court adjourned the  hearing of PTV attack case till November 12.

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