Attractive Incentives Available for Investors in Balochistan: Farman Zarkoon

QUETTA, Mar 15 (APP): Balochistan Board of Investment and Trade (BBoIT)’s Chief Executive, Farman Zarkoon Monday said that attractive incentives had been provided by the federal and provincial governments for promoting investments in Balochistan.

In a statement, he stressed on the need for an investor-friendly environment and policy to facilitate all investors under one roof.

He also mentioned “We are working to remove barriers for investments and eliminate the negative perceptions about the province.”

The natural resources could be instrumental in promoting investments, he said, adding that existing laws and regulations were being amended and new laws were being introduced to protect investments and businesses in the province. He emphasized that Balochistan Board of Investment and Trade (BBoIT) had made significant achievements due to the excellent leadership and encouragement of Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani.

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