Audio Recording: PIA pilot rudely violates ATC instructions

PIA pilot putting lives in danger by defying the ATC instructions, arguing without reason and and creating issues.

Air traffic controllers (ATC) control flight paths, communicate with pilots, respond to in-air emergencies, and prevent aircraft collisions.

Using radar and other technology, controllers keep track of the location of each and every aircraft in the sky. The job of air traffic control was subsequently established to help maintain safe separation between aircraft and to ensure that pilots would not fly their planes into the ground or other obstacles.

Massive Corruption by PIA management unveiled…

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Captain Sadiq Rehman was being reckless during the flight. Moreover, Captain Rehman was arguing without reason and creating issues with the ATC. Below is a recent conversation between the PIA pilot and Air Traffic Control.

A recent conversation between a PIA pilot and Air Traffic Control

Under these situations when pilots do not listen to the ATC, they cause serious threats to the aircraft and lives of its crew and passengers.

As per the details, Captain Sadiq Rehman is still flying 777 with PIA on contractual basis.

PALPA: Cause of degradation of professional standards and accidents in PIA

Pakistan Air Line Pilots’ Association (PALPA) shall be an accomplice party to the killing of the innocent passenger, as it has been involved to avoid regulatory testing of their pilots. Meanwhile the pilots escape their testing by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Inspectors under the illegal pressure of PALPA.

Authorities should take stern legal action against such individuals so that such insults do not happen again. Otherwise, the lives of our citizens will continue to lose in the same way as in the Karachi Plane Crash.

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