AVLS arrests 33, recovers 17 vehicles, 155 motorcycles


Lahore: Lahore Anti-Vehicle Lifting Staff have arrested 33 suspects,  recovered million of rupees 17 vehicles and 155 motorcycles.
The police also arrested suspect in the double murder of his parents and arrested Sahiwal accused Baba Khalid who stole  motorcycle and fled handcuffed.
SP Anti Vehicle Lifting Staff Aftab Pholarwan said this while talking to the electronic and print media during a press conference at Lahore station.

He said that 2 divisions of AVLS have arrested 33 accused of previously recorded professional gangs of vehicle theft during last two weeks and recovered 17 vehicles and 155 motorcycles worth about Rs. 027.6 million from them.

Suspects  involved in the double murder of his parents, to steal money in Sahiwal accused Serfraz Baba and arrested Khalid who has stolen motorcycle.
Police vehicles in different areas of the city have revealed numerous cases of theft and snatching.


He said the suspects stole vehicles and motorbikes from parking stands and homes with master keys.

KPK suspects taking stolen cars had been sold ione Distress.  That incidents of vehicle theft were long held in different areas of Lahore SP AVLS said.

The accused used to take the stolen vehicles to KPK and sell them at exorbitant prices.’

He said that incidents of vehicle theft were reported in different parts of Lahore.