Ayaz Sadiq has fulfilled India’s objectives

Lahore, 29th October: Ayaz Sadiq has fulfilled the objectives of India by uttering Nawaz Sharif’s statement against the Pakistan Army.

Senior journalist Adnan Adil says that PML-N has become Nawaz Sharif’s personal party and whatever statement is being made against Pak army and institutions at present is aimed at putting pressure on Pak army but it will not happen.

Senior analyst Adnan Adil expressed his views on Mubasher Lucman official YouTube Channel:

Adnan Adil says that it is no small matter that a member of the National Assembly lied about the Chief of Army Staff in the National Assembly that the Chief of Army Staff was sweating on the issue of Abhinandan.

Adnan Adil says that Nawaz Sharif’s target is not only Imran Khan but also Pak army. He said that PML-N soon realized that nothing will happen from the meetings so they started confrontation against Imran Khan and Pak army.

Ayaz Sadiq has done a very bad job, all should be investigated, he added that Nawaz Sharif’s statement is very dangerous and the nation should be against his institutions in front of him.

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Ayaz Sadiq speaks the language of our enemy