Ayesha Omer bashes an internet user for calling Mahira Khan ‘OLD’

Ayesha Omer bashes an internet user for calling Mahira Khan 'OLD'

Ayesha Omar scolded a female user for criticizing fellow actress Mahira Khan.

Yesterday, an Instagram page called “Galaxy Lollywood” shared a photo of Zahid Ahmed and Shehryar Munawar with actress Mahira Khan in which it was stated that the three are together for a short film.

However, this image of the expert was criticized by many users, some spoke about the age of the expert and some commented on the make-up.

One user wrote that Mahira Khan looks like everyone’s mama while another user commented that Mahira is looking old.

Actress Ayesha Omar wrote while mentioning this user that what is wrong with it? Just like Mahira Khan looks beautiful on the outside, her inner self is also charming. Every living thing has to go through a natural process to grow old.

Supporting the fellow actress, Ayesha said, “Can we reconsider our words and stop embarrassing people about their age, weight, color and clothes?”

The actress finally adopted a soft tone and said to the female user, “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to say all this just pointing to you, but after seeing all such comments, I was not relieved.”

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