Ayesha Omer opens up about her sexual assault story


Leading Pakistani actress Ayesha Omer, while talking about sexual harassment, has revealed that she was harassed by a huge powerful man, twice her age for years and she remained silent for 15 years.

According to the details, Ayesha Omer spoke to actress and director Rose McGowan during an Instagram live session on various topics related to sexual harassment in the showbiz industry.

“I was this young 23-year-old, fresh out of college, and bam, this started happening. And it went on for years,” revealed Ayesha Omer during the live session.

“It wasn’t a one-off incident, and I just didn’t want to process it. I put in a box, and I said okay, this is happening in my life, I have to deal with it. I didn’t wanna share it with anybody, I let it stay there for 15 years, and I finally spoke about it to someone two years ago,” she added.

Ayesha Omer told Rose McGowan how the media vilifies anyone who comes out with their #MeToo movement:

[bs-quote quote=”A friend of mine from the industry also came out with her story, and TV channels started calling me up and asking ‘Do you think she’s telling the truth?’ And I said ‘I would believe any victim’. They asked me if sexual harassment happens in the industry and that’s the first time I said yes. They asked if it happened to you, and I said yes. I will talk about it someday, but not today. I still haven’t named my monster but I’ve started talking about it.” style=”style-13″ align=”center” author_name=”Ayesha Omer” author_job=”Actress & Model” author_avatar=”https://en.baaghitv.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/ayesha-omer-lux-style-awards-2016-1-e1596629514168.jpg” author_link=”””][/bs-quote]

Earlier, in 2018, the actress expressed her inability to share her own experiences due to a lack of strength to discuss it at this time. “I hope, someday I have the strength and I am brave enough to talk about it but when people like Meesha or others who have the courage to speak up against harassment are accused of trying to pull publicity stunts,” said Ayesha.

Pakistani actress Ayesha Omer was super excited for having Rose McGowan for a chat by her words in her Instagram caption, “When Rose agreed to go live with me, I felt I was dreaming. It was unreal. I thought non-stop about everything that I wanted to ask her, everything that I wanted to tell her about Pakistan.”

Rose McGowan is an actor-turned-activist and one of the fore-bearers of the #MeToo movement. She works tirelessly to give voice to the victims of harassment, both male and female. She decided to hear out Pakistani actress Ayesha Omer’s sexual assault story too.

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