Ayeza Khan makes important revelation

Leading Pakistani actress, Ayeza Khan, makes important revelations pertaining to leaving showbiz. The actress claims it is a matter between me and Allah.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Ayeza Khan participated in actress Reema Khan’s Ramadan transmission Baran Rehmat last Saturday where she talked about the drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho and about leaving the showbiz. Ayeza Khan said, “People test you. Danesh and I went on Hajj last year. Everyone there gave us a lot of love.” However, there were some people around us who said that after performing Hajj, now you will leave the field of showbiz, you will leave the series.

Ayeza Khan said that this is a matter between me and Allah, Allah Almighty has to bring something in my heart, then it will not come at your request, it will just come, it is just a matter of doing or not doing anything. Recounting an incident that took place during Hajj, she said that when we were in the field of Arafat, there was a heavy rain which caused our tents to be torn down and our belongings were scattered. We were praying upstairs when we came down. I saw my luggage. A woman there was handling our luggage. She was holding my bag and she called out to me.

Ayeza Khan said, “So no matter what field you are in, whether I am a doctor, I am a teacher, I am in showbiz, people love you and people love you a lot”.

Talking about the success of her most popular drama Mere Paas Tum Ho, Aiza Khan said that my drama was a huge success and I don’t listen to my success or talk about it because I think I am used to it. I didn’t give interviews or gather people around all the time. She said I don’t take my achievements very seriously.

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“There is a time in life when there is loneliness. When you go up, you come down. That time should always be in the middle. So I never considered myself very successful, but I considered myself normal,” she said.

Ayeza Khan said that when I was new to showbiz, I was nothing. I used to watch stars and even then I came thinking that I should not get to a very high place so that I would not have to look down. I had to stay in the middle. And I’ve always put myself in the middle of people.

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