Azeem Dar celebrates 1M views for “Mummy Daddy Bachay”

Leading Pakistani model, singer, and film star Azeem Dar’s song “Mummy Daddy Bachay” was screened at Dubai’s Local Cinema Hall. Leading Arab social and business personalities including Social media stars such as Honey Ali participated and appreciated Azeem Dar’s song.

At the screening, singers Aryan Khan, Nasir Dar, Jind Khan, Lo (Love) Khani, Iqbal Bose Mohammad Sheki, and other co-guests and showbiz fans warmly praised Azeem Dar’s song.

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Singer and model Azeem Dar, Businessman and model Honey Ali, and Tik Tok stars Fahad Asad, Zain Shah, and others while talking to the media said that this is the first song of Pakistani model and singer Azeem Dar which will be screened in Dubai. “This song has been released in the cinema. Congratulations on this. Azeem Dar not only wrote a great song but also sang it in a beautiful way”.

The participants further said that Azeem Dar has performed tremendously in the song, which will be very strong. The song will be a hit all over the world including in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The schedule of the musical show was also released.

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Rising star Azeem Dar is an International artist based in Dubai, from Pakistan. He is a singer, actor, event planner, and media personality.

He started his showbiz career in childhood and belongs to a very well-known showbiz family. Nephew to Famous Pakistan television director Rashid Dar, he has worked with Hollywood, Bollywood, Pakistani & Arab celebrities.

Azeem Dar’s first music album song “Mummy Daddy Bachay” became an instant hit upon release and went viral. Like many other worldwide celebrities, Azeem Dar will be traveling to Australia, USA, London, Europe & Pakistan for his upcoming live concert which is already confirmed starting on 15th May 2022.

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Azeem Dar got a special award from Dubai Police to prompt Dubai Tourism Through His Song & Blog. Azeem Dar said that he will be promoting new talent through his upcoming songs regardless of their nationality, color, and religion as Dubai is the best place in the world to work with multi-talented artists.

Dar’s song screening will be played at vox cinemas today 30th march 2022 where a media & press conference was held as well as a meet & greet with his fan and followers.

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