Azeem Khan gives a Shut Up Call to Yasir Hussain



Blogger Azeem Khan, who became the talk of the town due to his marriage proposal’s rejection by actress Saba Qamar , has been facing backlash from quite sometime now. But the cross fire is still not over.

After the announcement of Saba Qamar’s refusal to Azeem khan’s proposal, Yasir Hussain had encouraged her and said that as strong as Saba Qamar herself, she deserves such a man. At the same time, Yasir Hussain, while describing the characteristics of a strong and powerful man, said that it is important to remember that a man is a man not by his beard but by his thinking and honesty.

۔Expressing grief and anger over the actor’s statement made several days ago, Azeem Khan said that having a beard and mustache does not really make a man and also it is not a masculine habit to interfere and comment on everything.

The Australian blogger also wrote that sometimes Yasir has problems with Ertugrul being aired in pakistan, sometimes there are problems with foreigners coming to work in Pakistan and now he has a problem with his controversy.

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