Azerbaijan to contribute for ‘Clean, Green Pakistan’: Ambassador Ali Alizade

Islamabad (12th Dec, 2019): Ali Alizade, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan, has stated that Azerbaijan will make contributions for PM Imran Khan’s campaign to preserve the natural beauty in Pakistan.

According to reports, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan has stated that Azerbaijan is set to make contributions for Prime Minister, Imran Khan’s campaign of a “Clean, Green Pakistan” in order to maintain the natural beauty of the state.

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Ambassador Ali Alizade further stated that on Azerbaijan’s National Remembrance Day of National Leaders, he has paid tribute by contributing for the cause of making Pakistan a clean and green state. Moreover, he praised PM Khan for “The Billion Tree” initiative.

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According to reports, Alizade in talks with the Online News Agency revealed that Azerbaijan which is a scenic country has become one of the most popular tourist spots across the globe with nearly a million tourists visiting per year. He added, that Azerbaijan’s government has taken “foolproof” measures for the tourists which has resulted in an upsurge of tourist visits to the country every year.

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Ambassador Alizade has offered assurances for the people of Pakistan that they will be provided security on their visits to Azerbaijan. Moreover, while addressing the topic he discussed that almost 2,41,000 foreigners had traveled to Azerbaijan in November which was nearly 13.3 percent more compared with last year, and approximately 42,000 of those tourists were of Pakistani origin, which is also an almost 12.2 percent increase.

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