Baaghi TV Exclusive: ICAO issues Significant Safety Concerns against Pakistan

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has issued Significant Safety Concerns (SSC) against Pakistan.

According to the details of Baaghi TV, council at the twelfth meeting of its 179th Session approved a mechanism addressing SSC identified by ICAO. As per the approved mechanism, ICAO has identified an SSC which remains unresolved by Pakistan.

‘The subject SSC pertains to the area of personnel licensing and training (PEL) in relation to the licensing process for pilots,’ read the official notification.

Earlier, ICAO had barred the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) from issuing new licences to pilots, air traffic controllers, engineers, and flight attendants over concerns about its safety protocols.

According to Baaghi TV sources, ICAO had earlier expressed dissatisfaction over CAA’s licensing process, claiming it ignores international safety standards.

It is pertinent to mention that as per now, four SSCs identified by ICAO remain unresolved including Bhutan, Eritrea, the five member states of Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and Pakistan.

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