Baaghi TV exposes the LGS faculty for their criminal activity


According to a report by Baaghi TV, a few students of the Lahore Grammar School have taken a brave step and come forward with the allegations of sexual harassment by some of their male teachers.

Recently, women all around the country are calling out their abusers and the ones who have been harassing them whether in workplace, school or through social media. Many of these girls, came forward about the harassment they had to face in their schools, in the place of learning, which they attend to have a successful and peaceful future, which is almost completely ruined at the hands of these predators who find their way into these schools as part of the administration.

Many of these girls who came forward, study at Lahore Grammar School 1-A/1, and called out the so called teachers, whom they have been harassed by in classes, in auditorium, in the canteen, etc. One case came forward, in which the victim asked the administration of the school to take some action against her teacher, Sir Warraich who harassed her but was ultimately shut down by Miss Maira Rana and Mrs. Shakil in order to protect their school’s reputation.

Another victims, came forward and told how her harasser, who was a teacher used to pass unethical comments about her and how he wouldn’t maintain the social, moral and ethical distance required between a teacher and a student. She told that even after she complained to the school faculty, they decided not to take any sort of action against the tyrant, making her life at the school much more difficult for her as she had to face threats during the class.

Another victim from Lahore Grammar School, Township, chose to raise her voice against a teacher of hers, Bashir Khatak, who asked for her personal contact number but she claims that there are girls who’ve had much worse experiences with this tyrant. She also encouraged her fellow students to carry on the narrative so that these abusers face the consequences.

However, after so many these strong and young women who know how to raise their voice against such predators came forward, a petition was signed and these people were fired from the respective schools.

LGS teachers exposed for sexually harassing female students

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