Baaghi TV Reporter Manhandled and given Death Threats

Owner and Employees Abbas Petrol Pump, Sargodha show hooliganism

Sargodha: The owner and employees of Abbas Petrol Pump at Mari Lak, Sargodha, publicly manhandled a Baaghi TV reporter and gave him death threats.

Reporter Idris Nawaz was carrying out his duties in front of and near Abbas Petrol Pump at 2pm. First the staff of the petrol pump subjected him to hooliganism. He showed his journalist card and said he is covering the rise in petrol prices, but they started pushing him, even though he was standing on the opposite side of the road for coverage. Then the son of the owner Qaiser Tatri arrived and immediately told the guard to shoot the reporter. What right has he to be here when the whole area belongs to us? He then snatched the reporter’s mobile. Then along with his staff and the guard he threatened the reporter, abused him verbally and threatened him with death, out in the open. They said no one will even find a piece of your flesh here.

Now that the petrol mafia has pressurised the government into bowing down to their demands have they also acquired the license to terrorise the public? When will the upholders of the law take action on these mafias and keep a restraint on them? Should journalists stop doing journalism? When will the government and law implementing institutions take action? If a police official or a government official had been treated this way, there would have been a huge brouhaha over it. Since a brave journalist tells the truth for what it is, every-time there is an attack on him the government and upholders of the law become silent spectators.

Will I get justice against the mafia that has successfully blackmailed the government? This was the question asked by the reporter Idris Nawaz of the SHO of the police station of Jhal Chakkian Abdul Majeed Butt, DPO Sargodha Faisal Gulzar, IG Punjab, Chief Minister Punjab, and Prime Minister Imran Khan. He demanded that the SHO Jhal Chakkian, DPO Sargodha, and other top officials should take notice of it and take action against this mafia.

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