Bangladesh, another Muslim country to recognize Israel and lifts sanctions

Lahore, 23rd May: Bangladesh has recognized Israel as a state.

On the one hand, Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinians are on the rise, on the other hand, Bangladesh, an Islamic state has now accepted Israel.

According to sources, the step has been taken at the request of the United States and India.

Reports say Bangladeshi authorities have instructed immigration officials to remove the clause of ‘except Israel’ from their travel terms in new passports.

Bangladeshi media reported on Saturday that the world’s third-largest Muslim-majority country is going to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

According to the Weekly Blitz website, the recently released Bangali e-passport states, ‘this passport is suitable for all countries of the world’ and now the two words ‘except Israel’ do not exist as was the case in the past.

Maj. Gen. Ayub Chaudhry, director-general of the Immigration and Passports Department, said that the step has been taken after a ‘government decision’.

On the other hand, Gilad Cohen, Deputy Director-General for Asia and the Pacific at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, welcomed the move and called on the Bangladeshi government to normalize relations with Israel.

Mr Cohen tweeted on his Twitter account, “Great news! Bangladesh has lifted its travel ban on Israel. This is a welcome step and I urge the Bangladeshi government to go ahead and establish diplomatic relations with Israel for the benefit of both our people.”

Earlier, Israel and former US President Donald Trump had revealed several times that a country in Asia will soon recognize Israel. Hence, that country has come to the fore today after efforts by Bangladeshi officials to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

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