Banning ads and web series will not end rape: Sanam Saeed


Lahore, 8th October: After the report of bold dialogues from the web series ‘Churails’, it got banned in Pakistan.

According to Baaghi TV, following social media uproar on the indecent and vulgar dialogues from the series ‘Churails’, India’s Zee5 has prohibited to show the series in Pakistan.

Baaghi TV had reported earlier that a monologue from the drama by the senior actress Hina Khawaja Bayat had created a controversy on social media, after which the netizens demanded the series to be banned.

Web series Churails suffers a hitch

‘Churails’ is the Pakistani series which is on-air on the Indian digital channel Zee5 since August. However, the drama has been well-liked by the audiences due to its creativity and the way it handles the societal issues.

But recently after the uproar, the Indian authorities took down the series for the Pakistani viewers.

This has not been taken in good spirits by our artists, among those, actress Sanam Saeed has spoken her heart out.

Hina Bayat’s sexual dialogues put PEMRA under question

She shared messages on her Twitter and Instagram handles and wants the authorities to address other issues of our country rather than banning the creative series.

Sanam Saeed can think of many other important things to ban rather than a television show, and that too a revolutionary one such as ‘Churails’ in Pakistan.

She said that serious issues that could actually be solved if addressed, otherwise we are truly living in a hypocritical society, where what’s shown on television is more important than real-life atrocities.

She shared on her Twitter account, “Banning dancing ads, outspoken films and web series will not end rape if that’s the agenda. Why are we riddled with such hypocrisy?”

She further wrote, “Everything is to be carried out undercover. They think that our innocent public should not get influenced if we take creative liberty, to be honest, and open.”

Saeed has a valid point pointing out that how about we ban the rightful issues in the country which include, the banning of whitening creams, to ban caning in schools.

How about banning a two-finger test for the rape victims, how about banning rapists from getting out on bail, she further questioned.

It time that we start addressing the right issues rather than playing around!

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