Barbra Streisand takes aim at Donald Trump


New York, 9th November: American singer Barbra Streisand’s song blasts US President Donald Trump.

Baaghi TV: Barbra Streisand released a song ‘Don’t Lie To Me’ two years back, taking aim at Donald Trump and his lies.

The song which was released in 2018 sung by Streisand has once again gone viral after Donald Trump suffered defeat in the Elections of 2020.

Streisand sings: “How do you win if we all lose? / You change the facts to justify / Your lips move but your words get in the way,” referring to Trump’s “false or misleading claims” since his presidency began.

She describes the American people as “on our knees”, and says “all that we built has come undone”. The song climaxes with the plea, “Can’t you see we’re crying? Where’s the new horizon?” before asking, “How do you sleep?”

However, Trump isn’t mentioned by name, but there are clear indicators that Streisand is singing about the US president, including lines like: “You can build towers of bronze and gold.”

The Guardian reported in September 2018 that it’s an explosive return for Streisand, who, at 76, is releasing one of the most politically outspoken songs of her career.

Barbra has been a frequent critic of Trump in her interviews and is a big Hillary Clinton supporter. She called Trump’s prospective presidency “terrifyingly scary” in 2015, before saying, “I call him the liar in chief, the misogynist in chief. He’s so crazed.” She said she believed that the 2016 election was rigged: “I do believe as I believed during Bush, they were playing with those voter machines.”

‘Don’t Lie To Me’ is taken from her album, Walls, her first collection of primarily original material since 2005.

Keeping in view the current scenario regarding Donald Trump in this year’s election, this song still holds its meaning and Barbra nailed it right into him!

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