Barcelona Holds Test Concert for Post-COVID ‘New Normal’


28th March 2021: According to a report by BBC News, a concert has been held in Barcelona to test the ‘new normal’ that is likely to follow after the world emerges from the COVID19 pandemic.

The concert was held for the band Love of Lesbians. 5000 visitors were allowed after passing rapid antigen tests. The experiment is meant to test whether such events can be conducted in future and to figure out ways to make them possible. The crowd was wearing masks but there was no enforcement of social distancing.

Cultural events have remained suspended for a whole year, and attendees who were interviewed, declared their delight at this opportunity to take a taste of life as it used to be not so long ago. Despite clearing the antigen tests, the attendees’ temperature was checked before entry, and there was special ventilation at the venue, to prevent the spread of the virus.

The attendees will be monitored for two weeks after the concert, to discern if they have developed any symptoms.

It may be noted that life has changed drastically after the pandemic ravaged its way through Europe, and is currently in its third wave globally. All kinds of cultural events, sporting events, markets, and anything bringing a large number of people in contact, have been restricted.

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