BDA protests to continue till CDA issues transparent construction bylaws

Islamabad, 1st July: The Builders and Developers Association (BDA) has finalized a course of action to stop CDA from taking destructive actions against the real estate development sector.

The steering committee of BDA has decided to further its protest and take the matter to Islamabad High Court in order to safeguard publicinvestments. A total of 26 private commercial properties, worth billions in investments, on the G.T. road are at risk due to the absence of CDA bylaws, they added.

The steering committee of BDA has disclosed that CDA is withholding construction bylaws for G.T. road. Whereas project drawings were submitted over a year ago still CDA is unwilling to regularize commercial development on G.T. road.

The Committee maintained that CDA is carrying out illegal operations against legally developed commercial projects on private lands. These projects are the source of commercial activity in the newly emerging commercial hub of Islamabad-Rawalpindi and promise to generate thousands of jobs and contribute to economic development.

The Builders and Developers Association has finalized a plan of action to resist illegal and destructive operations of CDA. A press conference will be held soon to announce the organizing committee for protests.

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