Beaconhouse School System cuts 75 percent of its employees’ salaries


Baaghi TV: The Corona virus has heated up the market for large corporations to exploit their employees. Beaconhouse, a financially stable institution, is unwilling to bear the brunt of the epidemic and is exploiting its employees in hardships and trials.

In this regard, social media activist Maryam tweeted: Today I’m ashamed to be an alumnus of Beaconhouse. They are cutting 75% of salaries of extracurricular teachers, lab assistants, support staff including clerks and cleaners, on whose backs the system runs, and revoking their full-time status during a Global Pandemic.

Maryam further said: Not only are they illegally dismissing low-wage employees but they are not giving anything in writing. Which should have been given to them at the time of discharge. High schools exploit the weakest during difficult times.

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