Beijing Charity Lianxin Foundation donates to help Pakistan combat Covid-19


BEIJING, Apr 1 (APP): Beijing Lianxin Charity Foundation has donated emergency relief supplies such as disposable gloves, protective face shields to the Embassy of Pakistan, Beijing to help Pakistan combat COVID-19.

General Secretary of the Foundation, Cai Peng said that this donation was a manifestation of an all-weather friendship between Pakistan and China. He termed COVID-19 as a pandemic which was to be fought by the world together.

Pakistan Ambassador to China, Naghmana Hashmi expressed deep gratitude on behalf of the people and the Government of Pakistan for this generous act.

China, she said, had not only comprehensively controlled the epidemic but was now responding in kind by extending complete support to reinforce Pakistan’s preventive measures against the spread of novel coronavirus.

Hailing the recent “Solidarity Visit” by President Dr. Arif Alvi to China, Ambassador Hashmi said that Pakistan and China had shown to the world that during testing times a united effort was the key to success.

It may be mentioned here that this donation was coordinated by the Information Section of the Embassy of Pakistan, Beijing.

‘The nation must unite against coronavirus’: PM

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