Belgium Police break up crowd gathered for fake concert on April Fool’s day

Brussels, April 2 2021: An April Fool’s day prank went awry in Brussels on Thursday after a huge crowd of 2000 had to be dispersed by the police in Bois de la Cambre park located in the south of the city.

They charged forth on horseback and used water cannons and tear gas to clear the growing crowds who came to attend what they thought was a concert as Europe battles a third wave of the pandemic. The concert announcement on social media however was fake and intended only as a prank on April Fool’s day.

Eye witnesses reported projectiles being thrown at the law enforcement officers and according to the Police 3 officers were wounded, one of whom was taken to hospital, and four people were arrested.

Wearing protective gear, the police, advanced in a line, to enforce strict Covid-19 social-distancing rules that prohibit gatherings of more than four people outdoors.

Brussels law enforcement authorities on Wednesday had issued a warning that the announcement on social media of a “party” was illegal and that its organizers could be prosecuted.

Tighter controls were imposed last weekend to curb the spread of the virus, including; closing schools,  borders, limiting access to non-essential shops and lowering the number of people able to meet outdoors to four.

Participants complained about being tear gassed “for no reason”, while the Mayor said he could understand why people wanted to go out and enjoy the spring weather, they needed to exercise caution. He also thanked the police for doing their jobs and the people who had rigorously followed the rules and SOPs for more than a year.

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