Biden Hands Over US Administration to More Than 20 Indians?

28th November 2020, Washington: Joe Biden has handed over the US administration to more than 20 people of Indian descent. In a historic move, the Biden-Harris transition team is largely controlled by Indian-origin Americans.

According to sources, the understanding between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is so effective that crucial roles have been handed over to more than 20 reputed Indians in a first in US Presidential history. Some important names on the list are:

Dr Arun Majumdar is a former director of the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), will lead Joe Biden’s Agency Review Team for the Department of Energy. Scientist, engineer, and professor, Dr Arun is reputed as an alumnus of University of California, Berkeley, and IIT, Mumbai, India. Internet giant Google engaged his services in 2012 to review and analyse its energy strategy and initiatives. He is also a renowned member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Dr Celine Gounder is heading Joe Biden’s coronavirus task-force. Born to an Indian father, Raj Natarajan Gounder, an aerospace engineer from a village in Tamil Nadu, Dr Celine is a practicing infectious disease specialist, epidemiologist, medical journalist, and assistant professor in the New York University Grossman School of Medicine. Molecular biology graduate of Princeton University, Dr Celine earned a Master of Science degree from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University Of Washington School Of Medicine.

She is cofounder of the International Health Group, that recommends doctors to treat people from underprivileged areas the world over. She has worked with New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. As a medical journalist, she has written scientific articles on medical equipment, and general health in The New York, The Atlantic, and other publications.

Kiran Ahuja will head the Office of Personnel Management. She heads the monitoring team of President-elect Joe Biden that will go over White House affairs. She is also volunteering to support transition on personnel management. A political worker and lawyer born in India, Kiran Ahuja was the Chief of Staff of the Director of Personnel Affairs from 2015 to 2017. She founded the National Asian Pacific American Women Forum and worked for the citizen rights of South Asian women.

Dr Bhavya Lal is responsible for overseeing transition of NASA. She is known as a distinguished researcher of IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute for the White House Office of Science and Technology. She is a qualified engineer in the field of space science, artificial satellite, space nuclear energy, and space research. She has written articles for The Economist, National Geographic, Space News and other well-known publications. Due to her contribution to the field of space, she was chosen as a member of the International Academy of Astronautics.

Mala Adiga is the First Lady’s Policy Director. Joe Biden has appointed Indian-origin Mala Adiga as Policy Director for First Lady Jill Biden. A descendant of Adiga from Adopi district of Karnataka, Mala Adiga won the 2008 Man Booker Prize for her novel “The White Tiger”. Expert on education policy, Adiga served the Biden administration as director on higher education and served military families. It was Adiga who offered her services as a senior policy adviser for the Biden Kamala campaign for education 

Puneet Talwar: US State Department. Joe Biden’s agency review team includes Indian-origin Puneet Talwar In the Obama administration, who has served as Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs. He also served as chief adviser to then-Senator Joe Biden on foreign relations. Recognized as one of the 50 most powerful Democrats in foreign relations, Puneet Talwar, an Indian-American, worked with the State Department’s policy planning staff on Joe Biden’s visit to South Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. He also served as Special Assistant to the National Security Council from 2009 to 2014. He is a distinguished alumnus of Columbia University in International Affairs.

Pau Singh: National Security Council Pau Singh is a pro-Indian and has been selected to oversee the affairs of the President-Vice President duo and national security matters. Pau Singh is serving in the National Security Council (NSC) and Science and Technology Affairs. In addition to volunteering for President-elect Joe Biden, he is also studying how to solve complex data problems through machine learning and advanced analysis in various industries. As the Lead Director of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) National Security Council, he worked on economic relations between the United States, China and the United States, India. He assisted in formulating economic policy for Barack Obama’s visit to India in 2015

Seema Nanda: US Department of Labour. Indian-American Seema Nanda deals with the US Department of Labor. A graduate of Boston College Law School and a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, she joined the Labor Department in 2013 and served as Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Counsel to Secretary Tom Perez.

Dr. Rahul Gupta: The Office of National Drug Control Policy. Dr. Rahul Gupta, one of the 20 Indian Americans on the newly elected US President’s Special Team, will oversee matters related to the National Drug Control Policy. He is the Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of the March of Dimes.

According to sources, more such Indian supporters have been nominated and it is hoped that their departments will be announced in the next few days.

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